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Luxury Jewellery and Watches

We’ve all heard the stories of someone finding a priceless piece of jewellery in their grandparents’ attic, or a fine watch collector selling a piece for millions. However, are jewellery and fine watches really a solid investment?

The short answer is; yes. Just like sports cars, paintings and designer bags, fine watches and jewellery are often limited, making owning one a very exclusive proposition. Naturally, as time passes, these coveted pieces often multiply in value.

Read on for a more detailed look into the world of fine watches and luxury jewellery, and why you should start investing in them now!

Bvlgari Watches

What Makes a Watch a Good Investment?

Fine watches are statement pieces, unrivalled symbols of success worn on the wrist, representing centuries of horological expertise. While a fine watch is always a solid emotional investment, some models in particular not just hold but grow in value rapidly. The secret is all in knowing where to look.

  1. Low Barrier to Entry, Guaranteed Return

If you are new to the fine watch market, there are a few luxurious watch brands you should look out for; like Bvlgari, Chopard, Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piguet and Rolex. These brands have a proven track record, their watches catering to a wide range of budgets while each piece increases in value over every passing year. Whether it’s a lower priced piece, or an expensive one, limited quantity means that people who want exclusive watches will always buy one.

  1. Global Market

Fine watches have a global market. Regardless of your location on the globe, you will never have any trouble looking for a buyers of brands like Patek Phillipe or Rolex. Moreover, this means that there exists is a worldwide used watch market as well. If you’re looking to maximize your return, buying a used luxury watch is your best bet.

  1. An Investment You Can Wear

Unlike stocks, even fine watches of the same brand and model can differ in value based on a multitude of factors. Demand and supply play the largest roles in determining value, so much so that steel watches have sometimes even surpassed steel gold or gold variants of the same model. That said, fine watches are one of the few investments that you can enjoy, wear them over the years, and still sell them for a return.


Luxury Watches

Why you should be investing in Luxury Jewellery

Luxury jewellery pieces hold their high prices because of the precious materials used to make them. From 18 karat gold to inimitable gemstones, and conflict-free diamonds, acquiring the best raw materials and crafting them to perfection takes a serious monetary investment and fine craftsmanship. As the saying goes, after all, “diamonds are forever”.

  1. Constant Demand 

Diamonds, gold and precious gemstones will never go out of fashion or demand. The best designer luxury jewellery is made from high-quality materials that are built to last lifetimes. Imbued with the prestige of sought-after jewellery houses, their value is as solid as they are. Regardless of where you are in the world, there is a market for high end jewellery. Unlike houses, cars, or other physical assets, luxury jewellery does not depreciate in value, often doing the opposite.

  1. Durability

Luxury jewellery can withstand the test of time, and is meant to be worn as you please. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies and pearls are designed by mother nature herself to last. When they are properly looked after, they are usually hard-wearing gems that won’t shatter or scratch easily, which makes them an ideal emotional and monetary investment.

3. Easily Accessible Market

The world features many luxury jewellers and reputable resellers to choose from, making acquiring a piece that you enjoy that much easier. With so many brands to choose from it is important to choose the right luxury jewellery brand for you. In every market, there are a few time tested brands that are known for legacy, craftsmanship, quality, and reliability. In India, Rose is a leading luxury jewellery brand, founded in 1981, is the epitome of luxury jewellery, with an emphasis on using the best of Indian craftsmanship and the very best materials to create truly awe-inspiring pieces that will last generations.

There are certain things that you cannot put a price on. Regardless of what you choose to invest in, be it fine watches or luxury jewellery, the most important reason is that it makes you happy. Heirloom jewellery and fine watches last multiple generations, and have immense potential for profit, making them the ideal all around investment.


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