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Treasures Jewellery – Solitaire Jewellery Collection


‘Treasures’ is Rose’s promise to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are unmatched for generations to come. Every jewellery masterpiece in this collection is conceptualized when our creators’ chance upon one of nature’s prized marvels. Using each unique find, our designers create jewellery worthy enough to showcase the rarest of rare gemstones and diamonds. Sparingly created, with great care for artistry & craftsmanship, each piece in this collection is valued for its appreciation and heirloom qualities.

La Vie En Rose

“Je Vois La Vie En Rose” eloquently translates to “I see life with rose coloured glasses.” This is precisely the vision with which BeeVee procured the stunning 381.72 Carat Russian Emerald. The journey to create a casing as beautiful as the gem has taken over 200 days, with each accenting gem and diamond personally hand picked by our master designer BeeVee. Our La Vie En Rose is embraced by of 50.87 Carats of Diamonds, suspended on over 750 Carats of Zambian Emerald Beads.


Heart to Heart

Awed by a Colombian Emerald rough of over 100 Carats, we had these two magnificent 26 Carat Heart Shaped Emeralds cut from that very same rough.

Born in New York and then certified in Switzerland, these earrings have a truly international, red-carpet like appeal. Two perfectly matched heart-shaped Emeralds are as rare as finding true love itself. They are embellished by two Pear-Shaped Colombian Emeralds, making them unmissable statement pieces for any occasion.


After five long years of collecting, re-cutting and grading, BeeVee finally laid his hands on the magnificent layout of Mitchell Cut Solitaires. With a center stone of 9.02 Carats, this necklace is fit for a modern day royal.


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