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Opera Collection – Luxury Art Deco Jewellery


Rose pays homage to the ‘style moderne’, ‘art deco’ movement of the 1920’s, through this stunning collection of fine jewellery. Distinguishing design features embrace filigree work, simple, clean shapes, a “streamlined” look, stylized geometric from and the use of materials like black onyx. The eternal collection features jewellery couture reminiscent of early 20th century Paris and must-have collectibles for today’s woman of style.

Greco Art Deco Cuff

An ode to the Roaring 20’s, a glistening statement of style.

This Art Deco motif bracelet has a cabochon-cut Tanzanite centre and nearly one hundred Ruby rivets lining the sides. A part of our Opera Collection it is an exquisite statement piece, that balances vibrancy, glamour and sophistication.


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