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Rose Helps

At Rose we have always understood the importance of giving back. Our directors are proud to support our C.S.R initiative- ‘Rose Helps’.

Rose helps was conceptualised keeping in mind the unsung heroes of our industry- senior artisans who are asked to prematurely retire when they lose dexterity, steadiness or perfect vision. After dedicating most of their lives to perfecting the art of jewellery making, they are expected to train more efficient, younger craftsmen to replace them. These artists are torn between being good teachers to the next generation, and keeping their livelihoods to fulfil their familial duties.

After over 35 years of working with dedication, Rose seeks to give these craftsmen the respect and dignity they deserve, even in retirement. Rose’s not-for-profit project employs senior artisans, over 50 years of age, and provides them with a platform that puts their expertise to good use. In a special unit, they are given the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind silver objet d’arts using their exceptional skills. Here they work with no deadlines, no productivity requirements and are free to complete masterful creations at their own pace, all the while helping younger artisans learn skills under their expert guidance. Any proceeds from the sale of those items are reinvested into the program.

Rose Helps has also invited speech, hearing and vision impaired students from Hellen Keller institute, to be trained by these senior artisans, in the art of sculpting silver.


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