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Colours Of Life – Emerald, Ruby & Tanzanite Jewellery Collection


Inspired by Mother Nature and crafted to perfection by Rose, this iconic assemblage is simply unforgettable! Vibrant exquisite gemstones, many cut in our very own lapidarium, are accompanied by sparkling diamonds and set in stylish designs. All these elements come together to create a mesmerizing collection of jewellery that brings the Earth’s hues to life!

Ocean Angel Cuff

A bold statement of style, this Emerald and Kinites cuff bracelet is an ode to the hues of the Ocean.

The centre features fancy-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds, oval Kinites and a single Zambian Emerald, all of which come together in an angelic, winged-floral, art-deco motif. Hundreds of Emerald beads are strung together to form the cuff, making this an unmissable addition to any collection.


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