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Exquisite design, distinguished craftsmanship, unparalleled luxury and a legacy that tells a captivating tale- Rose, is one of India’s leading luxury jewellery brands.

Founded in 1981, the name “Rose” was chosen from the eponymous flower. It signifies beauty, power, royalty and romance. Early on, the brand’s founders understood the value of Indian craftsmanship and made it their mission to master and preserve it. Rose’s jewellery is the perfect amalgamation of the rich design aesthetic of the East blended with the inventiveness of the West.

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Designing Fine Jewellery Is An Art Form

It involves creating masterpieces that capture emotions, colours, individual style and grandeur. Hundreds of man hours are invested into making one-of-a-kind pieces, which are the ultimate display of admired techniques, painstaking finishing and gorgeous design.

Rose relies on nature’s rich bounty of diamonds and gemstones to bring to life fine jewellery. The creations encapsulate exceptional precious stones of vibrant colours and unique cuts, in signature combinations that have become synonymous with Rose’s artistry. Every gem is hand-selected and consciously sourced paving the way for a sustainable future.

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The brand’s four-decade long history is a testament to its evergreen love story with jewellery. Through its unwavering commitment to its patrons, from generation to generation, Rose that has stood the test of time. It is one of the most trusted names in luxury fine jewellery, watches and lifestyle accessories in India.

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Experience Luxury

The group takes great pride in its retail concepts. It is internationally recognised and credited for its experiential luxury stores – The Rose Salon (Mumbai, Delhi) & Rose: The Watch Bar. Currently, it has a portfolio of over 20 leading international brands


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