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At Rose designing jewellery is not a production process. It is an art form brought to life by passionate artists.

A Wealth Of Knowledge

Being a bench jeweller himself, Rose’s creative Director BeeVee creates and trains the group’s craftsmen to use several proprietary techniques, to create breath-taking fine jewellery that is synonymous with Rose. With a special emphasis on quality and finish, a Rose piece of jewellery is truly spectacular.

A Sanctum Of Beauty

Rose Jewellery Technology is the Rose Group’s manufacturing division. A carefully planned, fine-jewellery atelier that is spread over 3000 square feet and employs more than 70 master craftsmen. It holds a special place of pride in Rose’s heart, as this is where highly-trained artisans breathe life into Rose designs.

A Class Apart

At Rose Jewellery Technology making jewellery is not an industrial process, but rather an art form. The group strongly believes that exquisite jewellery is defined by the quality of its artisans and the creative experience of its craftsmen. Here artistry leads the way, and technology is used to enhance fine jewellery making rather than replace it. It is this small difference in mindset that sets Rose apart from its peers.


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