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Holiday villas encapsulate the definition of luxury vacations while living the high life. With abundant space, stunning vistas, impeccable service and exclusive privacy, modern luxury villas push the boundaries of what a home can be. With rental options that will allow you to vacation like a billionaire, these stunning villas and locations are

When we think of the latest high-end jewellery design from the top luxury jewellery brands, our minds jump to images of grandeur, heavy statement pieces and unique treasures of great value. However, jewellery isn't always about bling; some of the best pieces can be subtle and understated, quietly elevating your everyday ensemble. Building

Bridal jewellery is the defining factor of your wedding look. More so when you're a celebrity, with the eyes of the world focused on you. Whether you're planning your very own fairy tale wedding or want to make a statement, we've curated a list of inspirational looks to get you started. Read on to


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