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Legacy & Craftsmanship


Diamond Jewellery : Exhibition

Exquisite design, distinguished craftsmanship and a legacy that tells a captivating tale. Rose is one of India’s leading luxury jewellery brands.

Founded in 1981, the name “Rose” was chosen from the eponymous flower. Early on, the brand’s founders understood the value of high craftsmanship and made it their mission to master and preserve it. Rose’s jewellery is the perfect amalgamation of the rich design aesthetic of the East blended with the inventiveness of the West. For us designing jewels is an art form where masterpieces are made, by investing hundreds of jewel hours into artistry techniques, which capture emotions, style and luxury.

All Your Diamond Jewellery Needs Come To Life


“An ode to the Roaring 20’s, a glistening statement of style.”

Rose pays homage to the ‘style moderne’, ‘art deco’ movement of the 1920’s, through this stunning collection of fine jewellery. Distinguishing design features embrace filigree work, simple, clean shapes, a “streamlined” look, stylized geometric from and the use of materials like black onyx. The eternal collection features jewellery couture reminiscent of early 20th century Paris and must-have collectibles for today’s woman of style.


“A bold statement of style, an ode to the hues of the Earth.”

Inspired by Mother Nature and crafted to perfection by Rose, this iconic assemblage is simply unforgettable! Vibrant exquisite gemstones, many cut in our very own lapidarium, are accompanied by sparkling diamonds and set in stylish designs. All these elements come together to create a mesmerizing collection of jewellery that brings the Earth’s hues to life.

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