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When you need to shine on, your jewellery should sparkle like it’s brand new. Dull jewels are always a fashion and glamour faux pas. So, keep these carefully selected treasures in top condition, ready to wear at a moment’s notice.


Here are some quick tips on how to keep your jewellery pristine and ever-radiant:


  1. Wear your jewellery last – after your cream application, make-up perfecting, hair-setting, and perfume spritzing
  2. When you’re taking off your jewellery, clean it with a soft cloth to wipe away the perspiration and grime for its day out.
  3. Store your jewellery in the solitary confinement of individual Ziplock bags or boxes to keep it from becoming scratched or tangled with other pieces. 
  4. Clean your jewellery regularly: Soak it in warm water with two to four drops of a colourless, odorless detergent for 5 – 20 minutes. Clean gently with a soft-bristled brush before you pat it dry with a soft cloth. 
  5. Avoid wearing your jewellery when you are engaging in chemical-based activities such as cleaning or swimming. Keep your jewellery away from any harsh chemicals and abrasive materials.
  6. Pearls have a thin nacre layer that needs delicate handling. Avoid using a soft-bristled brush during their deep cleaning. Use only a soft soapy cloth for the process before you clean and air-dry them. Wrap them in a soft cloth for storing too.
  7. Check the clasps and settings of your jewellery regularly to make sure they are secure. 
  8. Have your jewellery professionally inspected and cleaned by a jeweller at least once or twice a year.


Words of Caution: 


During the home cleaning process, you can substitute the detergent with a dish-washing liquid, shampoo or body wash as well. However, make sure it does not have moisturizing substances. Diamonds have a way of unerringly attracting grime. And, moisturizers will leave an icky layer on your diamonds, reducing their sparkle. 


During their bubble bath, avoid giving your jewellery a sprightly scrub. You may want to really get into the little nooks and crannies of your jewels, but you need to handle your piece with care and gentleness. 


Additionally, don’t use ultrasonic jewellery cleaners at home. These machines move the water vigorously and can cause your diamonds to loosen or detach from their setting. Pave set jewellery especially is most affected by the process. So, leave this intense cleanse to the jewellers who can also thoroughly check your pieces after.


And most importantly, only approach a trusted jewellery brand. when your jewellery brand for your professional cleaning. You want your jewellery handled with expertise, especially if it has a medley of pearls and coloured gemstones along with your diamonds. You also want a sense of security before handing over something so precious, and a reputed brand is most likely to deal transparently in such cases. 


The First Step However:

While it’s important to know how to maintain your jewellery, step 1 starts with buying said jewellery of course. This is where we overtly stake our claim. The House of Rose, after all, creates inimitable and infinitely precious jewels that are too exquisite to pass up. Inspired masterpieces that arrest attention are a particular specialty for us. So, step into our hallowed halls and take your pick of a stunning diamond necklace or an iridescent diamond bracelet. Opt for magnificent diamond earrings that are contemporary or vintage; or elegant rings that are cocktail wear or daily wear. Whatever your style, you are sure to find the perfect piece of jewellery with us. 



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