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Engagement Ring

Love sparkles like no other bauble. It adds shine to your way of viewing the world and it shimmers in your eyes for all to see. That mesmerizing glitter is what needs to be reflected in your engagement ring, a symbol of love, of longevity, of forever and ever after.

Don’t be hasty when choosing this little symbol of commitment, unless of course you just see something that calls to your heart in an instant. However, if the hunt is on, then bear in mind:


  1. It’s Five Cs, not Four: Yes you heard us right. For the perfect engagement ring, be prudent of the 5Cs – cut, colour clarity, carat weight, and… certification of course!
  2. Cut: The cut of a diamond ranges from excellent to poor with excellent demanding a higher price. The precision of the cut determines the sparkle of the ring owing to the interaction of the facets with the light.
  3. Colour: The colour of a diamond ranges from D to Z with D being colourless, and so far more coveted. It may be cost-effective to choose a good to excellent cut diamond with a G to H colour. It will have the lustre and does not appear brown or yellow-tinged to the naked eye. Then of course, there are a variety of coloured diamonds ranging from pink to blue and even black that have their own value and beauty.
  4. Clarity: Diamonds often have very tiny white or black flecks called inclusions. The perfect diamond is internally flawless, while most commonly used ones have inclusions that range from VVS (very very slight) to SI (slight inclusion).
  5. Carat: The question that’s most likely to be asked first…”How big is it?” It’s important to understand the delicacy of your hand and fingers and the frequency with which you will be wearing the ring before you decide on the diamond size. Remember buying a diamond that is just shy of common weights, ends up saving your money. No one will be able to tell it’s a .93 carat instead of a 1 carat.
  6. Certificate: Always buy a certified diamond to be sure of what you’re getting, even if it’s verified by your trusted jeweller. GIA certified diamonds command a certain premium over IGI certified diamonds but both bodies can be relied on for a precise description of your stone.
  7. The Shape of You: The round diamond is conventionally the preferred shape and therefore priced higher. However, today a lot of people choose from pear, marquise, cushion-cut, emerald, asscher-cut, princess, and oval gems with some cuts having a “bigger look” owing to their larger table size.
  8. The Style For Your Smile: Now it’s time to think of the design and setting decisions that need to be made- everything from the colour of the gold to the thickness of the band. While Pinterest has become a go-to reference point, it’s always recommended to step into our showroom and try on as many options as you can see, to truly know what suits your hand and your style.
  9. The Colour Conundrum: While most people opt for diamond engagement rings, there are a discerning few who take their pick of symbolic precious stones like yellow, pink, or blue sapphires, dark green Columbian emeralds or scintillating, deep-purple hued amethysts. Rare stones become collector’s items and find their ways onto the fingers of appreciative buyers with ease.

Yes, Forever Is A Long Time. And the pressure is on to think of a ring that you’re bound to love for life. But hey, if you’ve chosen a forever partner, then the ring should be easier to narrow down on – especially with the help of our expert team at Rose.



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