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In the enchanting world of jewellery, every piece holds more than just aesthetic value; it tells a story, whispers tales of tradition, and encapsulates the essence of cultures. At the House of Rose, we believe that jewellery is a profound expression of identity and heritage. Our latest exploration delves into the intricate tapestry of time honoured Symbols & designs within our exquisite collections.

Diamond & Ruby Filigree Hanging EarringsJewellery has long functioned as a cultural emissary, articulating narratives, beliefs, and values across generations. The craftsmanship within our pieces extends beyond the realm of mere adornment, skillfully integrating symbols that resonate with the rich tapestries of diverse cultures. One compelling example is found in the Bella Rosa Collection, where the delicate filigree work serves as a symbolic homage to the Mughal era. This exquisite fusion of classic Indian craftsmanship and contemporary European aesthetics seamlessly weaves together intricate patterns that tell stories of heritage, love, and timeless beauty. The artistry of filigree, with its meticulously intertwined metal threads forming ethereal patterns, captures the essence of the Mughal era’s opulence and sophistication. Each piece, adorned with this intricate filigree, becomes a wearable testament to the historical grandeur and artistic legacy of the Mughal period, allowing wearers to carry a piece of this rich cultural heritage with them wherever they go.

Moreover, hidden meanings often lie within the choice of gemstones. The significance of colours and stones has deep-rooted cultural ties. Rubies may symbolise passion and strength, while emeralds evoke harmony and renewal. Our jewellery is not just an accessory but a conduit for these hidden narratives, allowing wearers to carry the essence of cultural heritage with every adornment.


Opera Jewellery


In a captivating nod to the enchanting ‘style moderne’ of the 1920s, the Opera Collection by Rose is an embodiment of the iconic Art Deco movement. This exquisite assemblage pays homage to an era characterised by innovation, glamour, and cultural shifts, particularly for women. The art deco collection seamlessly blends distinguishing design features, such as intricate filigree work, sleek and clean shapes, a streamlined aesthetic, and the bold use of materials like black onyx. These elements evoke the spirit of early 20th-century Paris, encapsulating the essence of an epoch that redefined fashion and femininity. Inspired by the cool, edgy, and fun-loving women of the Art Deco movement, the Opera Collection by Rose is not just jewellery; it’s a statement, a celebration of an era where women embraced newfound freedoms and expressed their individuality with flair. These timeless pieces are more than accessories; they are an ode to the empowering spirit of women throughout history, inviting the modern woman to infuse her style with a touch of the Jazz Age’s effervescent charm.


Coloured Gemstone Jewellery


The Jadau Collection by Rose is a captivating embodiment of cultural symbols and hidden meanings, paying homage to the opulent heritage of Indian craftsmanship. Crafted as an ode to the intricate artistry passed down through generations, this collection is steeped in the regality of Indian history, reminiscent of the grandeur of the Mughal Era. The cherished Jadau technique, synonymous with Indian royalty, involves meticulously embedding precious gemstones and uncut diamonds into lustrous gold, creating pieces that resonate with timeless elegance. What sets this collection apart is not just the front-facing brilliance but also the meticulous ‘meenakari’ enamelling work at the back, adding an extra layer of artistry and charm. A true testament to the legacy of Indian jewellery-making, the Jadau Collection emerges as a must-have for brides and a delightful addition to ethnic wear, encapsulating the essence of tradition and sophistication in every meticulously crafted piece.


Jadau Jewellery

Another such collection is the
Colours of Life, a tribute to the mesmerising bond between nature and artistry. This iconic assemblage, inspired by the kaleidoscopic wonders of Mother Nature, is a masterpiece crafted to perfection by Rose. Vibrant gemstones, dance alongside sparkling diamonds, elegantly set in stylish designs. The collection not only embodies the Earth’s diverse hues but also seamlessly incorporates floral motifs, inviting wearers to embrace the beauty of nature. With every piece, Colours of Life transcends beyond mere jewellery, becoming a visual ode to the hidden meanings and cultural symbols that nature graciously bestows upon us. Each design, a poetic interpretation of the Earth’s vibrant palette, makes this collection an unforgettable celebration of life and the timeless elegance found in the intricate details of the world around us.

In our commitment to storytelling through jewellery, we explore motifs that transcend time and borders. From the mesmerising mandalas inspired by Eastern spirituality to the eternal infinity symbol, each piece in our collections is a carefully crafted narrative waiting to be unveiled.

As we continue our journey in the realm of cultural symbolism, we invite you to explore the stories woven into each creation. Join us in deciphering the hidden meanings, embracing the beauty of diversity, and celebrating the timeless elegance that cultural symbols bring to jewellery. At Rose, we believe that every piece is not just an accessory; it’s a chapter in the story of your unique and extraordinary journey.


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