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Impact of Social Media on Jewellery

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, influencers have become the tastemakers and trendsetters of our generation. While mega-influencers and celebrities have traditionally dominated the scene, a new wave of influencers are making waves – the micro-influencers. These individuals may not have millions of followers, but their impact on niche markets, such as jewellery trends, is undeniable. At Rose, we take pride in collaborating and supporting micro-influencers who align with our fashion aesthetic and values. In this blog, we will be delving into how they are reshaping the jewellery industry and why you should follow those that resonate with you. 

1. Authenticity Over Reach:

Micro-influencers tend to focus on specific niches they are genuinely passionate about. This authenticity fosters a deeper connection with their audience, who see them as trusted sources of recommendations. When a micro-influencer showcases a piece of jewellery, their followers perceive it as a personal endorsement rather than just another paid advertisement in an ocean of many, making the influence more impactful.


Diamond Tanzanite Art Deco Earrings


Here’s the very talented fashion consultant, stylist & creative director Smridhi Sibal, wearing Rose’s Diamond Tanzanite Art Deco earrings. The intricate design of these earrings reflects the opulence and sophistication of the Art Deco era, with geometric patterns and vivid gemstones. 

2. Niche Expertise:

Micro-influencers often have a deep understanding of their niche market, whether it’s vintage jewellery, sustainable brands, or minimalist designs. Their specialised knowledge allows them to curate content that resonates with their audience’s interests and preferences. By highlighting unique jewellery brands, micro-influencers introduce their followers to a diverse range of styles, ultimately shaping emerging trends.


Pearl Ruby Tanzanite Floral Tassel Earrings


Style consultant and content creator Arushi Mehra adorning two different statement earrings by Rose. The first one holds emeralds, tanzanites, and diamonds. The second one sports rubies, tanzanites, diamonds, and freshwater pearls to help transition the look to one of cool glamour.

3. Relatable Content:

One of the most compelling aspects of micro-influencers is their relatability. They are more likely to engage with their followers on a personal level, responding to comments, and even incorporating user-generated content into their feeds. This level of interaction creates a sense of community, where followers are valued and heard. When a micro-influencer wears a piece of jewellery and shares it with their audience, it is usually attainable and inspires real-life style choices.


Ruby Tanzanite Drop Earrings


Instagram influencer Tarini Manchanda is adorning Rose’s kyanites, rubies, tanzanites and diamond earrings. These exquisite earrings bloom with vibrant hues, capturing the essence of a blossoming garden.

4. Diversity and Inclusivity:

Micro-influencers often represent a more diverse range of backgrounds, body types, and style preferences compared to their mega-counterparts. This diversity allows for a broader representation, showcasing pieces that cater to various tastes and identities. By featuring jewellery on individuals with different ethnicities, genders, and sizes, micro-influencers promote inclusivity and challenge traditional beauty standards.



Lawyer, entrepreneur and content creator, Mehak Bakshi achieves the boss woman look by pairing bold Rose earrings with an elegant blazer. The epitome of nature-inspired loveliness, this pair is studded with emeralds, rubies, tanzanites, and diamonds in a profusion of colour and beauty.

5. Driving Local and Small Business Growth:

Micro-influencers frequently collaborate with independent jewellery designers and local artisans, amplifying their reach. Micro-influencers help brands gain exposure and establish credibility within the industry. As consumers increasingly seek out unique and ethically-made jewellery, the endorsement of micro-influencers can significantly impact purchasing decisions.


Diamond and Emerald Drop Earrings


Fashion, beauty, and luxury Content Creator Karmaa Dhingra adorns Rose’s two different kinds of diamond and emerald drop earrings.

In conclusion, micro-influencers are playing a pivotal role in shaping jewellery trends by prioritising authenticity, niche expertise, relatable content, diversity, inclusivity, and supporting local businesses. As the influence of mega-celebrities wanes, brands are recognizing the value of partnering with micro-influencers to connect with their target audience on a deeper level. In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, the power of the micro influencers should not be underestimated, especially when it comes to influencing fashion and jewellery trends.


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