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People often wonder why some Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires command a price in excess of thousands of dollars, while others may come at a steal. What is it that determines the price point of a gemstone? And what should one look for when buying a stone of significant value? We hope to answer some of these questions here.

A coloured stone earns the mantle of ‘precious stone’ due to its origin, as it is formed in the earth’s crust and therefore rare. Beauty, durability, and rarity are key factors to evaluate a stone.

While beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, there are certain parameters basis which jewellers seek premium prices from you. Like diamonds, gemstones too, are priced according to the Four Cs: Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Besides these, five key characteristics determine the beauty of your precious gem:

1. Saturation: Look for uniformity of colour and good saturation throughout the stone. Uneven or patchy dark segments in most stones reflect poor quality.
2. Brilliance: this refers to the sparkle that comes from within a stone. The more brilliant that innate light, the more beautiful your stone.
3. Luster: This refers to the shine that comes off the surface of your gemstone. We, of course, covet a more lustrous sheen from our gems.
4. Transparency: Transparency vis a viz a milky opaqueness enhances the beauty in most gemstones. The fewer the inclusions, the better the reflection of light after all.
5. Fire or Dispersion: This is a special characteristic that doesn’t apply to all gemstones but a select few. It refers to a rainbow-like scintillation that one normally associates with diamonds and elevates the appeal of your coloured stone.

Ruby Diamond  Tanzanite Tassel Earrings

While you are unlikely to take a loupe and peer at your Sapphires, it helps to ask the right questions before purchase. Eventually, try to choose a stone with as few inclusions as possible. And, mainly, choose a jeweller who you can trust implicitly to give you the right value of your stones.

With the House of Rose, you are sure to get only the best. It’s no secret that breathtaking and rare gemstones form a significant part of our jewellery repertoire.

Ocean Angel Cuff Bracelet

Our Colours of Life Collection is an example of how we make gorgeous gemstones bring life into a piece of jewellery. Inspired by Mother Nature and crafted to perfection by Rose, this iconic collection is unforgettable! Vibrant and exquisite gemstones, many cut in our very own lapidarium, are accompanied by sparkling diamonds and set in stylish designs. All these elements come together to create a mesmerizing collection of jewellery that brings the Earth’s hues to life!

Unforgettable masterpieces like our Ocean Angel Cuff Bracelet, the Mazzo Di Fiori Ring, the Pastello Do Aqua Bracelet, and more, showcase the glory of red to pink toned Rubies, vivid-green Emeralds, and startling azure-hued Tanzanites or Sapphires. Each gemstone is hand-selected by our Creative Director, BeeVee, for its inimitable beauty, irrepressible brilliance, and intrinsic value.

Pastello Di Aqua Bracelet

Step into our stores in Mumbai or Delhi or peruse our collection online to take your pick of glorious gemstone jewellery that is unique and beguiling in its beauty.


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