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Bala or Bangle bracelet

The best jewellery is more than a mere accessory, it is a form of self-expression. A well-chosen piece can speak a thousand words, a testament to your aesthetic. Of all the different kinds of jewellery, perhaps none are as versatile and emboldening as a diamond bracelet. Whether you choose to wear them incognito or flamboyantly, they are no doubt must-haves in your collection, given their flexibility and universal appeal.  Diamond bracelets can be a subtle note to tie the outfit together, or they can be the focus itself, elevating any ensemble to new heights.  Choosing the perfect piece can be difficult, so read on to learn about different bracelet styles and how to wear them!



Statement bracelets are unique showpieces, head-turning starlets that invoke a sense of wonder and mystique. For example, the Art Deco Statement Bracelet from Rose’s Opera Collection features hand-carved Emerald complemented by stunning Black Onyx. Geometrically arranged, the Zambian Emeralds and Diamonds come together to breathe give a larger-than life grandeur to the bracelet. When wearing a statement piece such as this, we recommend you wear it only on one hand, paired with nothing else, an understated watch or, a showstopping ring on the other.

Art Deco Statement Bracelet

  1. Stackable

Also known as layering, stackable bracelets are multiple bracelets worn together, one on top of another. Perfect for an easy-breezy look that embodies oodles of style, it is the perfect dress-me-up, dress-me-down fashion statement. The Clique Diamond Bracelet from Rose is just perfect for stacking. With flush brilliant-cut Diamonds and an intuitive click mechanism, the bracelet is an easy addition to your everyday wardrobe, offering plenty of flexibility with its clean and pristine aesthetic.

Everyday Clicque Diamond Bracelet

  1. Cuff

A Bracelet that spans the whole wrist, and is sometimes opened from behind, Cuff Bracelets are unmissable. From Rose’s Opera Collection, the Great Gatsby Cuff Bracelet is a stunning example. Elegant, the intricate detailing oozes style and a sense of awe. Inspired an era of great grandeur and luxury, the bracelet is a brilliant art-deco style display of diamonds and rubies, coming together to form a signature cuff like no other.

Great Gatsby Cuff Bracelet

  1. Spring

Spring Bracelets get their name from their form; they are made of a flexi band that can “spring” open and closed without a clasp. The Bella Rose Diamond Bracelet from Rose’s pret jewellery line, the Bella Rosa Collection, is made of stunning Melon Coral Beads and Black Onyx, set in 18K Yellow Gold. Inspired by traditional, Indian filigree work with contemporary European aesthetics, the bracelet can easily be worn with both traditional and modern attire.

Coral Diamond Bracelet

  1. Convertible

Convertible jewels are unique pieces that are very versatile, not only in their style but also in their functionality. These pieces can often double or even triple their forms, offering great flexibility to the wearer. The Emerald and Ruby Bracelet/Choker from Rose’s Colours of Life Collection is an exciting piece in this regard. It features five elegant floral motifs crafted with Rubies, Diamonds and Emeralds, which can detach to sit perfectly on your wrist or be attached to extensions to make a contemporary choker. The bracelet can be just the piece you need to add some spark to a formal occasion with a soothing colour palette and a fun yet elegant visual aesthetic.

Emerald Ruby Bracelet Choker


  1. Bala or Bangle bracelet 

This style of bracelets is a contemporary take on the traditional “bangle” form worn by Indian Royalty and brides. The Emerald and Ruby Bala Bracelet from Rose’s Colours of Life Collection is a charming contrast, with opulent Ruby against a deep Emerald accented by pure brilliant-cut Diamonds. Inspired by Mother Nature and masterfully crafted by Rose, the bracelet is a testament to its mesmerizing design, with dazzling contours and exquisitely paired gemstones to bring Earth’s natural hues to new life.

Emerald Ruby Bala Bracelet

  1. Jadau bangle

Once again, sidestepping the need for traditional bangles, the Jadau Bracelet is a showstopper in its own right, bringing the traditional art form to adorn your wrist.  The Mukut Pachelli Jadau Bangle from Rose’s Jadua collection is a symbiosis of beauty and design. With jaw-dropping  279cts Emerald Beads and stunning Diamond Vilandis, the design is based on elements handcrafted with the Jadau technique to create a timeless rendition of the heritage art. A royal piece, it would fit right in with traditional Indian attire.

Mukut Pachelli Jadau Bracelet

8.Tennis bracelet

At its most basic rendition, the Tennis Bracelet is a series of diamonds of the same size, cut and clarity, set side by side to form a complete and flexible circle. Many variations play on this classic base, featuring bracelets made from assorted diamonds, different sizes, shapes or cuts, and other unique combinations. Elegant and minimal, the bracelet can  easily be paired with everyday wear.




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