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Indian Weddings are the stuff of fairy tales. Brides pick their wedding attire, the wedding decor, and most importantly, their bridal jewellery with great thought and utmost care. So jewellery is such an integral part of Indian weddings that bridal jewellery sets have become more than just ornaments or accessories; they tell timeless tales and create a personal legacy for the modern Indian bride. With a harmonious fusion of traditional Indian styles and contemporary New World design sensibilities, we are amid a redefinition of Indian bridal jewellery. As a result, there is a great emotion, and a discovery of personality in every piece, complemented by intricate craftsmanship and rich heritage.

Read on to find out which 7 bridal jewellery trends to stay on top this wedding season. Think of it as a 2024 guide to help you build your bridal jewellery trousseau.


1. Less is More

The pandemic has put the Big Fat Indian Wedding on a diet. With brides embracing smaller and more intimate weddings, bridal jewellery styles also reflect this sentiment. As Indian brides incorporate more minimalistic styles into their bridal ensembles for the big day, they lean towards cleaner, more wearable jewellery. The My Trousseau, My Treasure collection from Rose is designed with the modern bride in mind. Luxury jewellery need not be flashy; understated luxury goes a long way, like the Golden Iris Diamond Earrings from Rose’s My Trousseau My Treasure Collection. A perfect match for a stunning bride, the earrings feature eight rose-cut-diamond petals surrounding a Mitchell-cut, diamond-encrusted centre in each earring.

golden iris diamond earring2. Elegant Pearls

Pearls, the only precious gem created by a living organism, have been forever adored and admired. Perfect for the contemporary bride, pearls are effortlessly elegant, and a timeless investment for the modern woman’s wedding jewellery. The Opera Collection from Rose features some pearl masterpieces that celebrate ethereal beauty—inspired by the art deco movement of the 1920s with stylish class. This exquisite four-line Pearl Necklace is held together by Emerald and Diamond Art Deco motifs, making it an elegant and versatile addition to your bridal jewellery set.

Bridal Necklace3. Heritage Jadau

Weddings are brilliant opportunities to embrace India’s rich and storied history, steeped in heritage, culture, and grandeur. With jewellery designs passed down over generations from the Mughal Era, bridal jewellery in India has always had an exciting twist. The Jadau Collection from Rose is a stunning example of an ode to masterful Indian craftsmanship. This Emerald Jadau set from Rose’s Jadau Collection features matching earrings and a necklace. Embellished with stunning Diamond Vilandis and complemented by deep green emeralds, the set is a must-have for any Indian bride.

emerald jadau set4. Dangling Earrings 

Dangling earrings ooze contemporary style. For the modern Indian bride, they are a flirty style statement that harmoniously combines playfulness and grace. When paired with diamonds and gemstones, dangling earrings are an easy choice for brides who want to leave a mark on their big day. The Tanzanite and Emerald Tassel Earrings are a mesmerizing option from Rose’s Colours of Life Collection. The gentle swaying of the earrings on an open-neck or off-shoulder gown at a sangeet or reception will add charm to your bridal ensemble.

tanzanite emerald tassel earrings

5. Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are quiet head-turners, authentic statement pieces that add a subtle yet stunning touch to your wedding attire. Beautiful on delicately manicured hands, when it comes to cocktail bridal rings, the bigger, the better. The Spiral Reef Pearl Ring from Rose’s Purely Pearls Collection is enchanting. Made from Keshi pearls, sprinkled with diamonds, and held in a spiral coral motif, it is a brilliant final touch to your bridal jewellery set.

spiral reef pearl ring6. Contemporary Cuff and Bracelets

As versatility continues to make an upward trend for 2021, contemporary cuffs and bridal bracelets are most definitely in for the season.  Intricate bracelets and cuffs have always been an auspicious staple in Indian bridal jewellery, and recently they have taken on a more stylish form. As a luxurious statement of personal style, bracelets with fine detailing are here to stay as bridal accessories. Rose’s Studded Trilogy Cuff Bracelet made in 18K White, Rose and Yellow Gold and Diamonds from the Commitment Collection is a shining example of jewellery with meaning and a worthy addition to your bridal jewellery ensemble.studded trilogy cuff bracelet7. Adorning Delicate Choker Sets

Unlike a traditional bridal necklace, Chokers closely follow one’s neckline. When it comes to bridal jewellery, a statement choker can be a beautiful, classy look; it draws inspiration from royal Indian styles. Featuring intricate motifs and craftsmanship, chokers crown the neckline with fine details and unmissable designs. The Signature Emerald and Diamond Necklace from Rose’s My Trousseau, My Treasure Collection is an enchanting piece fit for a modern-day princess. A subtle yet royal look studded with diamonds and emeralds in a Freshwater pearl garland that comes together to make an exhilarating piece for your big occasion.

signature emerald diamond necklace


When it comes to bridal accessorising, embracing ethnicity will likely never go out of fashion. What has changed, however, is the ever-increasing importance placed upon comfort, regardless of the style. We hope this curated list of stunning trends has inspired your own bridal jewellery set, keeping your wedding jewellery elegant and timeless this wedding season.





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