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Rosetti Superyacht

More than a mere mode of transport, modern super yachts are symbols of wealth, prestige, and luxury. Virtually a moving private island, today’s ultra luxurious yachts in the world come equipped with more amenities than most five star hotels. From concert halls, to swimming pools and helipads, and customizable to your tastes, luxury yachts become personalized palaces on water. Understandably, all this comes at a steep price. Read on for our favorite five luxurious yachts available right now!

Read on our favorite five luxurious yachts available right now!

1. Tankoa Vertige

A superyacht in every right, the Tankoa Vertige derives its name from the wine growing region of France’s northern Rhône. At the heart of the 164-foot dream, between the main saloon and the master suite is a wine cellar, stocked with over 300 bottles of the finest wines. The Tankoa Vertige is a charter yacht, available for booking for leisurely cruises in the Caribbeans during the winter and the Eastern and Western Mediterranean in the summer. Spread out throughout the vessel, are many large social zones, the highlight being an enclave on deck large enough to easily shade a dozen or more people. The Tankoa Veritige can be booked for private charters starting at 250,000 USD per week.

Tankoa Vertige


2. Riva 110 Dolcevita

The Riva flagship is known for its superior interior design. The main deck features a saloon with a panoramic view of the water, floor to ceiling glass windows. With low furniture, marbled floor, and a smoky glass ceiling, there is no shortage of natural light. The theme is echoed with the rest of the design throughout the 100-footer. Another unique feature is the Ferretti-patented stern, wherein the swim platform lowers into the water, flooding the garage. This makes it significantly easier to use a smaller secondary boat, housed within. With long elegant lines, and powered by twin 16volt 2000 MTU diesel engines, this superyacht is as classy as it is sporty.

Riva 110 Dolcevita


3. Rosetti Superyacht

Rosetti has a long and storied history of crafting immaculate commercial vessels, and has recently begun to branch out into the superyacht segment. Aided by iconic car manufacturer Rolls Royce’s Azipull thrusters which come standard, the Rosetti Superyacht is a powerful vessel. And it needs to be, considering it is capable of housing expensive toys like airplanes and helicopters. With 6 grand decks, two pools, a VIP suite, and four double guest cabins, the Rosetti Superyatch is truly a modern palace on the high seas.

Rosetti Superyacht


4. Rossinavi Vector

Rossinavi’s latest addition to their fleet, the Vector is a grand, 164-foot tri-decker. The Vector was designed to maximize comfort. With plenty of sprawling, open spaces and a lighter palette when it comes to the furniture and materials used, the Vector is a much needed respite from the usual aesthetic of glass and steel. Featuring tall floor to ceiling windows on the primary saloon, as well as tall windows in the master suite, natural light is plentiful. If you prefer the open breeze however, there is a generous open balcony on the stern. The four staterooms on the lower deck are large and all en suite. The Rossinavi Vector is a leisurely superyacht, begging to be taken out onto the cool Caribbean seas.

Rossinavi Vector


5. Oceanco Project Shark

As the name suggests, Project Shark’s unique aesthetic is inspired by the Hammerhead shark. It’s lead designer, Luiz de Basto, told Business Insider, “Most of my ideas come from nature. When you look at the profile, the shape is really inspired by a shark. You have the wing stations combined with the pilothouse that looks like a hammerhead, and the mast is shaped like a fin.”

The yacht is split into several different areas, in order to promote greater privacy for the guests and owners. With long and tall glass windows stretching along the length of the ship, you’ll never be deprived of knowing where you are. Views of the ocean surround  you, and on a superyacht like the Project Shark, we won’t blame you for not wanting to dock.

Oceanco Project Shark


Travelling on a luxury superyacht is truly the crème de la crème of luxurious living. On the open seas, you become king ( or queen ) of your vessel, and the feeling of being able to float freely on the open seas with your near and dear ones simply cannot be understated. So, pack your favorite outfits, jewellery and plenty of sunscreen and set sail to make priceless memories!



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