Every creative soul dreams of giving the world a masterpiece that is unique, a piece of art that becomes one of man's greatest possessions.
As the creative force behind Rose Bee Vee has always considered himself truly blessed to have acquired a gemstone of this size, stature and fineness.


A saga that spans over 2 years from the moment Bee Vee first laid his eyes on 1000 Carat rough that stole his heart, Through a journey across three continents to plan, draw, cut, polish, and finally craft a treasure the world had never seen before and one never to be seen again.


The challenge was to create a masterpiece that wasn't ostentatious and that added to the beauty of the woman it adorned. The design had to be extraordinary, exclusive and never to be created again. Bee Vee designed, and designed and designed for six months to arrive at a casing that looked so beautiful and at the same time did not detract from the opulence and grandeur of the gem itself.


Christened "The Empress of Rose", a masterpiece crafted into an exquisite 290 carat pear-shaped Columbian emerald crowned in a beautifully designed casing surrounded by marquise and brilliant cut diamonds.
One of a kind, never to be seen again. A Treasure from The House of Rose.